OS: I am coming..........


WOW, I have to say, this is the first time after my Spain-Portugal trip I am again so dedicated to planning the trip details, Well, At least for booking hotels and transportation anyway,

i guess its all because these two countries are GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!!

I already plan it too late, cuz this trip is out of sudden, and i accidentally meet the busy holidays period too, combined all of these factors, it becomes a super expensive trip now!!!


And since i have to race with money, just within one week, i am basically finish booking the flight ticket, all hotels and hostels, and even bought the opera ticket and Edinburgh military tattoo ticket!

accomodation fee is super expensive, less than four weeks took me almost about 50 thousands in total! I guess after all, im just not a dorm person, i need my private bathroom and five minutes walking to everywhere!


I feel my head is so dizzy now, I have spent all day trying to look for a better budget hostel in good location in Paris, there are too many out there, but i guess the more i see, the more i get confused, so i think i will just make up my mind to a taiwanese women's, even tho its pretty small room space, but at least its in a very good location! which seems very important to me ha!

Anyway, If i will ever fill in with more details later here, which i havent done for yrs about my travel diary, we will see, since i seem to becoming more active for my writting skill lately :P


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