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Kinda feel everything is not in the right place now, a bit bothering and confusing, sometimes even a bit tiring.

I used to believe communication could work in many ways, but it turned out not to be that way.

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It's been some time since i update this blog.

in a way, i feel time flew fast, in another way, i feel there is still so much to do, which i havent done and it kinda bothers me.

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Language is a pretty weird thing, Mister sometimes complained that my english is getting worse, and thats true.

the biggest gate i did was like 10 yrs ago, i turned into a speaker from a listener, of course it took some time, but for some reasons, i seemed to become better in speaking, many times when i talked to natives, they were a bit surprised that i havent been living in any english spoken country, well, i guess i did a good job while hiding the lack well hehehe

but the interesting thing about improvement is, when you have nothing, you have lots to improve, but when you have enough basic things, then its easy to stick there, also when you are familiar to speak to the same people, who can understand you enough, finally, you become satisfied with what you have.

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i havent updating this blog for some time, lately i have been looking for lots information online, for many things, everytime when i do searching online, i feel time is flying so fast.

and the more information i find, the more confusing it is, i guess i just need to pick up something and make my mind and do it!

the other day i saw someone in a TV show saying,  we are supposed to live our life more stable after all, but now i have a feeling that im moving forward to an uncertain instead of stability.....

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因為拉先生在搞他的音樂blog的關係,突然讓我好奇,到底我的讀者都從哪裡來的,於是今天無聊的把我的 blogs 都放上了 vistors flags,雖然也不知道意義在哪裡,也許只是好奇,寫中文的blog到底都是哪裡的人在看。

最近被一些莫名的小事搞的心情很不好,而且好像還有莫名的壓力,也不知道從哪來的,發現自己沒有動力做很多事情,當然也就沒什麼在更新 blogs 了。


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My trip is next week, so far i still havent felt like im going or something, guess im a bit out of space, and most important, digging in my laziness it seems, ha!

I hope this trip will work well, since its the first time i am going with lots people i dont really know before, who knows if this would turn out well or not, hehehe

At least, i hope i can come back safe!!!!!

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Havent checked here for two weeks at least, will go back next week then, see you guys then!

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The last few months, i seem to be sick for quite some time,  Mr. started to laugh at me that im a very weak and sick woman. the meanwhile, brag about himself how super healthy he is.

But somehow dont know why, it seems my defence is lower lately, thats why i have been thru three times flu and one time stomach problem!

Anyway, this really sucks! I hope i will be much much better next month, since im going for a trip soon! and Mr. guarantees that their street food would surely make me sick! How Sweet he is!

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It's interesting to know that this blog could be found when someone is looking for a foreign lover issue. Its' kinda surprising when i saw that comment left in my blog, but I don't think i would try to go for the TV show.

Well, if you ever notice, you would find out that i rarely post my personal photos here, I think somehow I am just a loner, I like to keep silent and away, and Taiwan is not small, but not big either. I prefer not to let someone recognize me in the street, hehehe

Nowadays its very easy for the info spread, I remember there was one time some of my coworkers were in a show or in a TV news, the next day everyone knew that news and asked others if they saw the show, so you can know, it's not that hard if you want to get some attention, but I am the opposite i think, i like to keep down, sometimes i feel like im just a very 宅女, ahahahaha

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the other day was talking to Christy, then found out we have one same friend on facebook, and talk about how the guy seems to be a playboy or something, since he is always flirting with girls online, and he might just cheat on his wife someday. then that night i was talking about this to Mr. PHD.

then Mr. PHD asked "why do you do this to me??"

hahaha, suddently i found this is so funny, of course we were just kidding, but of course im not that dumb, if there was really something happened, would i be so stupid to tell him? sure not hahahaha

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Well, sometimes i just type too fast, especially on MSN, cuz basically you are talking instantly there, so you wont check out everything you type before click the "enter", so then it casues some problems that sometimes my brains is not controlling my hands too well, like i think of A, but i type B instead, so the other day when i was talking to baka, i type something like..

"do some people got infected then healed already?"

anyway, i typed more funny things than that before, but i didnt remember now, but my point is, the other day, after i typed something so wrong, which i dont remember now, then he told me..

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i feel bothered, sometimes i feel like im just trying to live my life day by day by wasting it.

life is a triangle, between home, office, and class. i try to read, study, do many things and have fun, but in a way i have to say, i just feel like everyday is just getting old and passing by, it seems that i want to do something remarkable, but i dont know what to do, or even the things i try to do, seems never enough. what a bullshit!

thats kinda funny that life seems a routine even when i already fill it with lots stuff, and the ambitious things dont accomplish as the way i want them to be, which is a big frustration somehow, and smashes my confidence for many things, which is even a worse thing i think!

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Maybe its not a problem between many couples, but for me and him, sometimes i feel like its an issue. Its not that we dont understand each other, but somehow, when we are discussing some things, even most time we type on MSN more than talking, still, i read every words and understand every words, but i just have a feeling like i dont get what he wants to say, and also when i say something, i feel like he might misunderstand in another way.

I can not really tell a case as example, as most times its just like a normal daily conversation, and suddently it seems going to lead to a argument. Of course after a few times experiences, we learn to step away or repeat again, but still, it seems for some ideas, instead of sending our msgs thru, we just mess up our feelings.

Its never enough to just say I love you, because far beyond that, i want you to read my mind, same as the opposite.

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